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At Solana de Ramírez we are proud to create local wines.

We are a small family winery that adheres to the principles of quality winemaking.

We produce locally grown wines of the highest quality that reflect the unique characteristics of the terroir and create an unrivalled palette of flavours - book a visit and taste our wines!

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Solana de ramirez Ruiz
What we do

We preserve unique regional flavours

At Winery "Solana de Ramírez" we know that a good wine is the result of careful vineyard care.

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Discover the flavours of Ábalos la Rioja Alta in our wines

We love nature

We are a winery with a family tradition

Our aim is to create wines with balance, complexity and harmony. Our style has often been described as an artistic balance between softness and structure. We are very proud to offer our customers unique tastings and tours..

You can put together your own group or join one of the groups we form.

We love nature

We are a family winery and we love our work, do not hesitate to visit us and share with us unique experiences around the world of wine.

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Bodega Solana de Ramírez Ruiz
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